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In this blog I will attempt to talk about why you may want to quilt.  In my introduction I talked about quilting being the one thing that that transcends time.  Historically I can think of nothing else that has the same enduring quality as a quilt to display love.  If a soldier was lucky, he would have one quilt of his own to comfort and protect him.  The message and symbols in the quilt may have been stitched for him by his mom, wife or a group of women determined to send the soldier off to war with as much love and caring as they could offer.  Wrapped in this quilt the soldier surely never felt alone.  The quilt is a hug that endures generations.   Quilts welcomes babies, congratulate new brides and grooms, cover sleeping children (yes even the grumpy teenagers), comfort the sick and give us memories of long lost family and friends.

 I am certain I am overly nostalgic when it comes to quilts.  I do know that quilts were very often made out of necessity.  Quilts were a way to use every scrap of fabric possible from flour bags to worn clothing.   These quilts kept families warm in the winter and comforted in times of need.  And of course the stories continue.

When I am quilting, I find myself relaxed and I take comfort knowing that I am performing a task that has been repeated billions of times throughout history.  I am picking fabrics, carefully choosing a design, and putting every bit of love and attention to detail as possible into my creation.  Sometimes I am free to splurge and buy everything I need to make an entire quilt, sparing no expense.  At other times I am checking my scraps to see what will work together.  I want the person receiving the quilt to know that it was made especially for them and that a quilt is made to be used.  The wonderful thing about quilts is that the more they are used, the softer they become. 

When my daughter and grandson moved away, I took his baby receiving blankets and pieced together a new large blanket for him.  This was a practical use of the fabric, and a way to piece together that short period of baby time that goes by so fast.   My grandson loved the blanket and carried it to daycare…..a hug across the miles.

Ok, so maybe this does not answer why you should quilt.  I guess I can’t tell you why you should.  But knowing you are a part of a larger group of strong women sometimes eases the burden of the day.  I hope you will want to continue a long tradition.  Think about joining centuries of quilters, in my next blog I will talk about basic items you will need to get started.

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Welcome to the “Gifts by Sheri” blog.  I have a few goals for this blog that I will share, but first let me give you some background on why I am doing this.  Like many of you I juggle work, home, children, grandchildren, marriage and yes my crafts.  I will focus on quilting in my blog, because I think it is a connecting block (ahh…a pun already) for woman that transcends time, age, politics, economic status and well …anything that divides us otherwise.  I know that men are more a part of the quilting world than ever before.   I have never met a male quilter, they are still mythical creatures in my world, but I hope that one will follow my blog and chime in.

So why would I do a blog?  I have always taken for granted that every family has crafters and heirlooms to pass down through generations.  Society over time has changed this.  Folks can’t find the time.  But I believe that if the world of quilting was not so overwhelming in the beginning, anyone could find the time.  I want to remove the scary portion of quilting, share some stories and make you anxious to join the quilting world.

Why my blog is called “Gifts by Sheri”?  Because I hope some piece of advice I share will make you laugh, give you an idea to have an outlet to be creative, and along the way I will also make some items and put them in my Etsy Shop so that you can have gifts at your fingertips if you just can’t manage to get yours together in time for a special someone.

I will give tips on machines, fabric, how to start…and the list goes on.  I was amazed at how many topics came up when I began brainstorming for this.   Thanks again for following, please look for my posts on a weekly basis I have scheduled time on Sunday evenings for this.  If you have any ideas don’t hesitate to send them.  I hope to learn as I share.  My contact information is GiftsbySheri@comcast.net.

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